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Dr. Richard A. Kaplowitz, Officiant

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Couple from Poland and Missouri ... at the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Beautiful and romantic places for your wedding ceremony in the Bay Area include:
The Golden Gate Bridge Muir Woods The Castro, in San Francisco A Pacific Ocean Beach Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco City Hall

You can have your marriage celebrated in Rick's personalized and innovative style, in a California setting like these.  Rick works with you, by phone / skype, and email, to make it happen!               
Use the "Contact Rick" form to begin your conver
sation with Rick about having your ceremony here!

Pictures on this page are of several couples from other states and countries who have been married by Rick in the Bay Area.  

Couple stationed in Washington State, at the Seascape Resort, in Aptos:

 Couple from Perth, Australia -- At the Sunnyside Conservatory, San Francisco
Bride & Groom, & 10 family members & friends came for the wedding and a honeymoon/vacation trip: 

Couple From Russia
                                          Couple from Indiana 
Eloping, under the Pear Tree in Palo Alto               Overlooking the Pacific, Sutro Park, San Francisco

     Click her for a link to this Video 

Couple from Arizona, in the Redwoods, at Muir Woods


                                    Couple from Texas,        
                                         at the Stanford "Dish" 

Couple from Oregon,
     at Wildwood Acres in Lafayette


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