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 ELOPING, and other SHORT NOTICE Weddings

A quick trip to see an Elvis impersonator in Vegas is almost as antiquated as the clichéd ladder up the side of the house in the middle of the night. 

These days, many couples choose to elope right here in the Bay Area, and save a small fortune.

You can have minimal stress for your wedding day and yet, with Rick’s help, still have a ceremony that will remain special and treasured. 

How to Arrange Your
  Short-Notice Ceremony

Couples who marry on short notice usually
one or two close family members and/ or friends as witnesses, but no elaborate reception or party at that time.  


Rick will invite you to his home, and marry you under a majestic pear tree in the yard, if weather permits, or inside as appropriate. 


Or, he will meet you at an appropriate site that you have chosen for your elopement. 


The normal fee for a gracious and caring short-notice ceremony with up to four guests is $140-$275.   You will need a bride, a groom, 1 or 2 witnesses, and a wedding license. 


Elopement and Short-notice ceremonies are generally arranged by phone.  


Call Rick directly to discuss your short-notice marriage, at 650. 852 – 9700, or use the Contact Rick form.


  Short Notice - He was called to report for duty

The Top Reasons Why Couples Elope include:
  1. to have an affordable wedding
  2. to save time
  3. to maintain your sanity
  4. to have fun
  5. to avoid waiting for the pandemic to end to have a big ceremony 
  6. to redirect money towards buying a house
  7. to start immigration procedures
  8. to get around the high cost of destination weddings
  9. to avoid needing to have marriage documents translated from a foreign language
  10. to circumnavigate family politics
  11. to fit the complex schedules of two-career couples

Rick’s elopement ceremonies are much more memorable and heart-felt than the more sterile options performed by a municipal clerk after you've waited in line at City Hall.


Call Rick directly to discuss your short-notice marriage, at 650. 852 – 9700, or use the Contact Rick form. 

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Alumni -- now living

in Florida -- eloping 

on the campus

where they met



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