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Dr. Richard A. Kaplowitz, Officiant

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 Rick's extensive research on creative          approaches to the development, design, & delivery of highly personalized ceremonies results in a unique style that effectively blends tradition with innovation and puts a fresh face on a tired, old ritual that has been unchanged for centuries

 Think back on some of the wedding ceremonies you've attended over the years and think about what stood out in your memory.  Do you remember …

passively sitting there for an hour or more looking at the bride and groom's backs? 

trying to hear what the chaplain was saying … only to realize that it sounded essentially the same as every other wedding you'd been at?                             Dolce-Hayes Mansion, San Jose  
listening to readings that made no connection 

to you at all?                                                                                              
the heaviness of the dogma which permeatedeverything during the ceremony?

the sheer impersonalness of everything other than the occasional mention of the couple's names, which might even, perhaps, have been pronounced incorrectly?

We are all too familiar with these types of wedding ceremonies, as they still occur too often in the Bay Area, and everywhere else. 

In contrast, however ---

==>  Rick takes the time to meet each couple at length.  The initial hour meeting covers a wide range of questions and topics, and allows everyone a chance to check out the "chemistry."  

==>  Rick can suggest some very progressive ideas about the placement of the couple, their wedding party, their parents, how the chairs are laid out ... Yes, all of this does matter to get the results you want.

==>  He abandons the standard templated one-size-fits-all (insert bride's name here) script and work with you to craft a ceremony script that is customized and personalized to fit you and your specific guests. 
         Skyline Mountain Terrace in Woodside

Ever seen attendees at a wedding waiting anxiously to see and hear what's coming next? You will at Rick’s ceremonies.

He encourages you to write and read your own
 vows, which allows your emotions
and individuality to be personally expressed.
Rick believes that wedding ceremonies should be joyful, which means lightening up a bit on the seriousness at appropriate times and places. Guests -- and the bride and groom -- appreciate having an enjoyable experience during the ceremony as well as at the festivities that follow.

If you think that your wedding ceremony deserves to be the one that you and your guests will remember among the best that they've ever experienced, then Contact Rick using the form on this website, or by calling him at:  650. 852 - 9700.


Poppy Fields, Livermore





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